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Lake Fishing At Its Finest

Lake Fishing Around Birmingham Alabama

Alabama has become a Mecca for fresh water fishing.  The State is home to 14 lakes that have produced some of the biggest fish in the country.  No matter if you like bass fishing or if you just enjoy getting out with the Grandchildren to bream fish, it can be done on Alabama's lakes.  These lakes have produced 55 pound striped bass, 16 pound large mouth bass, 4 pound bluegill and crappie and 9 pound rainbow trout.  Although they are not as good to eat, Alabama has also produced 151 pound Alligator Gar, 111 pound blue catfish, 80 pound flathead catfish and 40 pound channel cats.  Those are some absolutely amazing fish.  Located smack dab in the middle of this fishing wonderland is Birmingham, Alabama.  Within one hour of Birmingham you can find some of Alabama's finest lakes.  They include:  Lake Logan Martin to the east, Smith Lake and Neely Henry to the North and the Bankhead Reservoir to the West.  More information on Alabama Fresh Water Fishing can be found at:

Lake Logan Martin
Map of Logan Martin

Lying 30 miles East of Birmingham is Lake Logan Martin.  Logan Martin is fed by the Coosa River and has approximately 275 miles of shoreline.  The Coosa River was created in 1965 by Alabama Power and is contained by the Neely Henry dam to the north and the Logan Martin dam to the south.  The lakes depth runs between 35 and 110 feet with about 5 feet of variance between low and high levels.  Largemouth bass, Spotted Bass and Crappie are the fish of choice but spotted bass and striped bass can also be found in the spring and summer months.  Logan Martin was ranked first in Alabama's lakes for percent of success and 3rd in pounds per angler per day.  Largemouth bass are prevalent in the 12" to 18" range with spotted bass being found in the 14" to 21" range.  Black Crappie are usually in the 9" to 12" range with 9" being the keeper size. 

Smith Lake
Map of Smith Lake

With just a one hour drive north of Birmingham you can reach the southern end of Smith Lake.  This lake is a beauty with crystal clear waters and high rocky cliffs surrounding the lake.  Smith lake lies about 15 miles west of Cullman Alabama and is easily accessible from I-65.  Smith lake is the deepest lake in Alabama with depths reaching 200 feet.  With approximately 21000 acres and 500 miles of shoreline there is no shortage of room to fish.  Smith Lake boasts monster 40 pound striped bass along with nice sized largemouth bass.  Spotted and black bass can also be found, as a matter of fact, Alabama's record spotted bass at 8lbs 15oz was caught in these waters.  These monster fish are the reason that many people make the trip up from all around the state to fish Smith Lake. 

Lake Neely Henry-
Map of Lake Neely Henry

Close to Gadsden in the Northeast corner of Alabama you can find Lake Neely Henry.  This lake is fed from the Coosa River and is located about 45 minutes from Birmingham.  Encompassing 11,200 acres and running 78 miles from the Neely Henry Dam to the Weiss Dam the lake is mostly a river run system.  Largemouth and Spotted Bass are the most widely fished variety since they top the state in plumpness.  Most largemouth bass are in the 12" to 15" range with some getting up to the 18" size.  Large Spotted Bass top the states fishing for this species.  Neely Henry ranks third in the state with percent of successful anglers per trip.  The White Crappie fishing is good with the best times of year being in the Spring and Fall.  Most white crappie are in the 9" to 11" size range with 9" being a keeper.  Striped Bass fishing is best in the headwaters just below Weiss Dam in the Spring and early Summer months.  A good number of 7' striped bass are caught every year.  More information on Lake Neely Henry can be found at:

Bankhead Reservoir
Map of Bankhead Reservoir

The Bankhead Reservoir lies just 15 miles west of Birmingham on the Warrior River.  The lake encompasses 9200 acres and is located close to Hueytown.  Largemouth and Spotted Bass are the most widely caught fish on the lake with 16" bass being abundant.  Trophy potential bass are located in backwater (low current) areas off the main channels.  Spotted bass are normally caught on the lower sections of the Reservoir.  Crappie fishing is being promoted and fish numbers are increasing.  Most crappie caught are usually large in size.  Huge fish have been caught here with the most notable being the former world record Hybrid Striped Bass weighing in at 25lbs and 15oz.  Rainbow Trout are in good number since the Reservoir is stocked seven times per year with over 3,000 fish per stocking.  More information can be found at:

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Current Market Data For Hoover Alabama

Hoover,  AL Market Data   (1/2009 thru 12/2010)
1/2009 - 12/2009
1/2010 - 12/2010
New Listings
Closed Sales
Median Sales Price
Percent of Original List Price Received At Sale
Average Days On Market Until Sale

The Local Housing Market in Hoover Alabama seems to have gotten a little better last year.  Yearly data for 2010 compared against data from 2009 shows that home prices have gone up as well as the number of homes sold.  The Average Days on the  market has dropped despite more listings on the market.  If you have any questions about this data or would like to buy or sell a home, please feel free to give me a call at:  205-520-3039. You can also do your own Home Search on my website at:

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5 Reasons You Should Buy A Home In 2011

Here Are the Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Home In 2011

1.  Interest Rates are at Near Record Lows.   With 30 year fixed loans at 4.91% and 15 year fixed loans at 4.34%, now is the perfect time to buy.  Interest rates cannot stay this low forever.  In fact they are expected to reach 6% by years end.  If you snooze you may lose! A fraction of a percent increase on your interest rate equates to thousands of dollars lost on a 30 mortgage. Although loans are not as easy to get as they were in the past, banks are starting to loosen their grip on mortgages.
2.  Huge Inventory- There were around 16,700 homes listed in Jefferson County Alabama alone last year.  This is 4.1% increase over last year.  The law of supply and demand states that when supply out-weighs demand, prices will fall.  This is exactly what is happening.  With so many houses on the market sellers have to drop prices in order to sell their homes.   This leads us to the next reason to buy a home in 2011.
3.  Affordability-Home prices are currently down 27% from their highs in 2006.  In America the median home now sells for 177,000, a bit more that it would fetch in 2003.  Median home prices in Birmingham, Alabama fell 4.3% from one year ago.  Most experts agree that we are at or near the bottom.  You can now buy a home cheaper that you can rent.  With the flood of foreclosures on the market, one time homeowners are now renting.  Again the law of supply and demand states that rental rates will rise due to increased demand. 
4.  Foreclosures- Foreclosures have become increasingly common in recent years.  This has created a modern day gold rush for qualified home buyers.   Foreclosures now account for 1/3 of all home sales.  Qualified home buyers can now afford homes in ritzy neighborhoods that they could only dream about 5 years ago. 
5.  Tax Breaks-Although the Obama New Home Buyer Tax Credits expired last year, there are still many great tax benefits from owning your own home.  Any mortgage interest paid on your home is tax deductible.  This can add up to thousands of dollars of savings per year.  Property taxes are also fully deductible as are moving expenses.  If you work out of your home you can also write off your home office.  When you decide to sell, married taxpayers who file jointly now get to keep, tax free, up to $500,000 in profit on the sale of a home used as a principal residence for two of the prior five years. Single folks and married taxpayers who file separately get to keep up to $250,000 each tax free. 
With so many reasons to buy a home this year, what are you waiting for?  If you are looking for an Agent, I would be more than happy to help you.   You can search for Current MLS Listings on my website at: